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US$ 1,888

Complete Indonesian FDI (“PMA”) company establishment package including all foreign investment approvals, articles of incorporation, government registrations, local licensing, tax numbers. 100% foreign-owned companies are now possible in many fields of business.

  • PMA stands for “Penanaman Modal Asing”, or, Foreign Direct Investment.
  • An Indonesian PMA company is any company with any percentage of foreign ownership.
  • PMA companies are established on the basis of a defined business activity, that require approval from the Investment Coordination Board.

Fields of business activity that are open to full or partial foreign ownership can change from time-to-time, however most business fields of interest to foreign investors are open. Consult with Okusi for what business category is right for you.

Fee includes:

    • Investment Permit – Document research, review & preparation, investment approval permit.
    • Company Incorporation – Preparation of Articles of Incorporation, Deed of Establishment.
    • Operating Licenses & Other Permits – Domicile Certificate, NPWP – Tax Number/s, TDP - Company Registration, document submission & follow-up. Note: Additional fees for payment of local licences and permits may be required for areas outside of Jakarta.
    • English Translations of all important company documents.
    • Bank Account assistance for opening new accounts.
    • Free Single Entry Business Visa Sponsorships, if required, while company establishment is in progress.
    • Free Advice on matters such as Staff Recruitment, and Community and Government Relations.

The entire process usually takes less than 20 days.

Permanent Business License (IUT) – After obtaining principal license, PMA companies are obliged to process a permanent business license (IUT). This license is required to process other specific permits, such as import permits (API-U). Fixed cost is US$ 423.

Nominee Shareholder Services: In the event that you wish to engage in one of the specific business sectors where Indonesian shareholding is mandatory, Okusi can provide a professional shareholder — a company, not a person — to hold these shares for you until such time as you might find a true Indonesian partner. Fixed cost is US$ 982/year. See Professional Shareholder Service for full information.

Company Domicile Services: Okusi provides company domicile services in Jakarta, with an address in the center of the city, starting from just US$ 906/year. See Company Domicile Services for full information.

Note: Okusi Associates is prepared to take over partially-completed Indonesian company establishment processes, in most cases. Please call if you’ve found yourself in this situation.

Terms: 50% advance payment, balance upon issuance of company Deed of Establishment.

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