Our basic Accountancy and Tax Reporting service for VAT companies is integrated and comprehensive, and includes:

    • Maintenance of General Ledger
    • Monthly tax report preparation and submission for withholding taxes and value added taxes
    • Annual Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheets), Annual Statement of Comprehensive Income, as required by Tax Authority
    • Consultancy services for 1 hour per year
    • Payroll and PPh 21 (salary tax) calculation service free up to 5 employees; additional fees applied for handling more employees:
      • 6-10 Employees Rp5,000,000 per year
      • 11-25 Employees Rp10,000,000 per year
      • 26-50 Employees Rp15,000,000 per year
      • 51-100 Employees Rp20,000,000 per year
    • Additional Charge for Processing more than 100 Transactions:
      • 101-299 Transactions per Month: Rp10,000,000 per year
      • 300-500 Transactions per Month: Rp15,000,000 per year
    • Annual tax report preparation and submission to the Indonesian Tax Office Rp10,000,000
    • Additional Monthly Financial Statements Rp1,000,000 per month
    • Additional Consultancy Services Rp1,000,000 per hour
    • EFIN Registration Rp2,500,000 (one time)
    • Certificate Digital Rp2,500,000 (renewal every 2 years) with the Director come to the tax office
    • Tax Audit and SP2DK will be charged separately, depends on scale of business and transactions
    • Notification of events or issues requiring attention

The Indonesian government has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to several new tax and financial regulations, such as tax relaxation and loan restructuring.

To respond this unprecedented situation, our accountancy and taxation services have been comprehensively adapted to these changes, for both new and established companies. We are ready to help.

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