Set up your own
Indonesian company.

Foreign-Owned Companies (PMA); Local & PMDN Companies; Shelf Companies; Amendments to Company Structures.

Accountancy &
Tax Reporting

Corporate Accounting
& Tax Reporting

Tax Registrations; Company Tax Reporting; Company Accountancy; Personal Tax Reporting; Payroll & Worker Insurance.

Visas &
Work Permits

Legally work and
reside in Indonesia.

KITAS and Work Permits; Multiple-Entry Business Visas; Smart Cards; Exit/Re-Entry Permits; Immigration Advocacy.

Research &

Get reliable
local information.

Startup Management; Legal & Regulatory Research; Company Background Checks; Policy Analysis; Seminars; Mergers & Acquisitions.

Comprehensive and integrated: corporate legal, immigration, accountancy, research.
2,000 foreign investment companies set up, more than any other firm in Indonesia.
In-house, 68 full-time direct employees across Indonesia; no outsourcing.
Permanent offices conveniently located in Jakarta, Batam and Bali.
Established 1997, 22 years of service to Indonesia.
Companies set up anywhere in Indonesia.
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