Zero-Activity Tax Reporting -- Non-VAT

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US$ 725/year

In order to put your company into dormancy, it must be totally inactive; no financial transactions may occur whatsoever during the period of dormancy. Dormancy periods are typically one to two years, and can be extended.

During this period of dormancy, Okusi continues to make monthly and annual tax reports to the Indonesian Tax Office (zero activity tax reporting).

Our dormant company services is comprehensive, and includes:

    • Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheets)
    • Statement of Comprehensive Income, as required by the Indonesian Tax Office
    • Annual Tax Report preparation and submission to the Indonesian Tax Office
    • Notification of Events or Issues requiring attention
    • Ad hoc taxation advice related to regulation changes impact from the pandemic or any other specific situation.

The Indonesian government has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to several new tax and financial regulations, such as tax relaxation and loan restructuring.

To respond this unprecedented situation, our accountancy and taxation services have been comprehensively adapted to these changes, for both new and established companies. We are ready to help.

For VAT Registered Companies, annual fee is US$ 920.

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