Our Comprehensive Company Secretary service includes:

    • Point-of-Contact for Company Shareholders and Officeholders.
    • Responsible for Calling of Meetings of Shareholders, Directors, and Commissioners, as required.
    • Responsible for Liaising with Notaries Public, both in-house, and external to Okusi, as directed.
    • Responsibility for Liaising with Lawyers, both in-house, and external, as directed.
    • Responsibility for Liaising with Accountants, both in-house and external to Okusi, as directed.
    • Coordinating provision of required Company Licenses and Permits, and tracking Renewal of Permits.
    • Coordination and Advisory in arranging Work Permits and Visas.
    • Responsibility for Liaising/Communicating with Government Agencies.
    • Responsibility in any other matter that concerns the Well-Being of the Shareholders and the Good Standing of the Company.

Okusi’s annual fee for Company Secretary Service excludes:

    • Accountancy and Tax Reporting Services
    • Registered Company Address (optional, if you have your own domicile)
    • Organizing investor visas, work permits (IMTA) and residence visas (KITAS) (Separate charges applied)

The Company Secretary will accept appointment upon a decision made by a General Meeting of Shareholders. (A prepared document is provided.)

Upon appointment, Company Secretary takes custody of all original Company Documents. All original company documents remain in the custody of the Company Secretary until such time as the Company Secretary conveys the documents to another custody, upon a decision of a General Meeting of Shareholders.

Included in the decision of Shareholders is authorization to appoint the Company Secretary as either President Chairman (komisaris), or President Director of the company. (This requires discussion of your actual plans.) Cost of this change is included in the initial Company Secretary fee.

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