Indonesian Audit, Administration & Research

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Indonesia Market Intelligence

Do you need reliable local information? Our research approach is by necessity multi-disciplinary, backed by decades of actual on-the-ground experience. Okusi Associates offers a comprehensive range of Indonesia research services including market intelligence, industrial or business analysis and market research. Indonesia economi

Indonesian Business Briefings & Seminars

Presentations tailored to your individual requirements, essential preparation for establishing your presence in a country such as Indonesia, renowned for offering as much challenge as it does excitement and potential. Content and format of briefings are discussed in detail in advance of the presentation. Briefings are designed to be

Consultancy Services (Ad Hoc hourly)

Private adhoc consulting on matters of Indonesian business, law, customs, society and politics provided on a retainer or non-retainer basis. Terms: Please contact to discuss your requirements.

Indonesian Project Management

Our project management services are recommended for large and/or complex business establishment processes in Indonesia, beyond the basic company establishment process. Such projects may involve: Specialist licensing Tax and accounting compliance Purchase of land/property Establishing factories Management of

Consultancy Annual Retainer

Private adhoc consulting on matters of Indonesian business, law, customs, society and politics provided on a retainer basis, by telephone or direct meeting with Okusi's most senior consultants. Limit of 2 hours per month, with minimum 30 minutes for each call/meeting. Hours in excess of 2 hours/month are billed at concession rate of ~R

Company Status Information Search

Affordable, fast legal status checks on Indonesian companies, both private limited and publicly listed companies. Discounts for multiple requests. Delivery: Usually within 5 working days. Terms: Payment in advance.

Indonesian Due Diligence and Legal Opinion

A due diligence exercise is recommended when an investor wishes to acquire an Indonesian company or engage in a government project, so as to minimize potentially adverse surprises and high cost. The exercise examines all aspects relevant to the corporate action, including but not limited to: Validity of business licenses Land

Financial Statement Audit

The financial statement audit has never been more crucial. In today's business environment there is more scrutiny and skepticism of a company's financial statements than ever before. Investors have lost faith in corporate governance and reporting and they expect more: greater reliability, more oversight and clear evidence of internal contr

Accounting Advisory Services

Financial reporting environment in Indonesia has been receiving greater scrutiny than ever before, to gradually align the Indonesian Financial Accounting Standards (IFAS)/Pernyataan Standar Akuntansi Keuangan (PSAK) with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). IFAS/PSAK has been changing continually for at least the past fi

Financial Accounting Services

With the move to IFRS for many of the global public companies, financial accounting has become a lot more complicated. And if the past few years are any guide, the future holds more regulations, new requirements, and an increasing compliance burden. As business becomes more global, with new markets opening up seemingly every day, a company

Internal Audit Service

Faced with new market opportunities, ongoing economic challenges, increased pressure to improve risk management effectiveness, and unprecedented regulatory requirements, many organizations are recognizing the need to transform their internal audit and risk management functions to turn these disruptive forces into opportunities. As the b

Indonesian⇌English Legal Translation Services

Accurate English⇌Indonesian sworn translations of all kinds of legal documents. Bulk translations (books, long contracts, legislation) by arrangement. Terms: In general, 50% advance payment on estimated cost, with balance payable on completion. Please contact to discuss requirements.