Indonesian Research & Management

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Comprehensive Market Analysis; Entry Recommendations; Strategic Advocacy; Distribution Networks.


Asset Evaluation; Company Valuation; Company Background Checks; Check on Potential Partners; Site Inspections.


Specialist Permits; Land/Property Purchase; Factory Setup; Import Management; Specialist Recruitment.

Do you need reliable local information? Our research approach is by necessity multi-disciplinary, backed by decades of actual on-the-ground experience.

Okusi Associates offers a comprehensive range of Indonesia research services including market intelligence, industrial or business analysis and market research.

  • Indonesia economic and political overview – overview of the economic and political environment
  • Business sector overview – market sizing; major players and their market shares; consumer demographics and current trends
  • Sector forecasts – sector growth in terms of value and volume
  • Competitor analysis – assessment of key industry players focusing on company size, target markets, strengths and weaknesses and expansion plans
  • Customer analysis – assessment of key business customers including product or service requirements
  • Distribution and marketing analysis – distribution and marketing channels used by key players
  • Regulation analysis – analysis of regulations for a specific business sector
  • Market entry strategies – recommendations for market entry including company structure, products and services to be offered, target markets, distribution and strategies
  • Partner searches and matching
  • Financial and investment advisory services

Legal, Policy and Regulatory Issues Information on the general regulatory environment and legislation governing the marketing of products or services in a given business sector. Delivery: 10 working days.

Custom and Project Research

  • Country Background Reports
  • Political Risk Assessment
  • Industry Research
  • Community Relations
  • Government Policy Analysis

Terms: Delivery times calculated from day of receipt of full payment.

Presentations tailored to your individual requirements, essential preparation for establishing your presence in a country such as Indonesia, renowned for offering as much challenge as it does excitement and potential.

Content and format of briefings are discussed in detail in advance of the presentation.

Briefings are designed to be practical, and can cover a wide range of issues, including cultural aspects of doing business and legal issues of direct relevance to a potential investor.

Terms: Please contact to discuss your requirements.

Private adhoc consulting on matters of Indonesian business, law, customs, society and politics provided on a retainer or non-retainer basis.

Terms: Please contact to discuss your requirements.

Our project management services are recommended for large and/or complex business establishment processes in Indonesia, beyond the basic company establishment process. Such projects may involve:

  • Specialist licensing
  • Tax and accounting compliance
  • Purchase of land/property
  • Establishing factories
  • Management of import processes and making use of government incentives
  • Recruitment of personnel

In addition to the above, Okusi can also provide project management services for dealing with local governments in Indonesia, using the company's network of consultants that have established good relations with various local governments in Indonesia.

Terms: Delivery times calculated from day of receipt of full payment.

Private adhoc consulting on matters of Indonesian business, law, customs, society and politics provided on a retainer basis, by telephone or direct meeting with Okusi's most senior consultants.

Limit of 2 hours per month, with minimum 30 minutes for each call/meeting. Hours in excess of 2 hours/month are billed at concession rate of US$165/hour.

Terms: Please contact to discuss your requirements.

Affordable, fast legal status checks on Indonesian companies, both private limited and publicly listed companies. Discounts for multiple requests. Delivery: Usually within 5 working days.

Terms: Payment in advance.

A due diligence exercise is recommended when an investor wishes to acquire an Indonesian company or engage in a government project, so as to minimize potentially adverse surprises and high cost. The exercise examines all aspects relevant to the corporate action, including but not limited to:

  • Validity of business licenses
  • Land status and issues
  • Financial and tax liabilities/compliance
  • Employment (and possible termination) matters
  • Value and physical conditions of assets
  • Social acceptance of operations in the neighbourhood
  • Issues of a specific concern

Terms: Delivery times calculated from day of receipt of full payment.

Accurate English⇌Indonesian sworn translations of all kinds of legal documents.

Bulk translations (books, long contracts, legislation) by arrangement.

Terms: In general, 50% advance payment on estimated cost, with balance payable on completion. Please contact to discuss requirements.