On-Call Consultancy - Annual Retainer

US$ 2,086/year

Gain a competitive edge in the Indonesian market with Okusi Associates' On-Call Consultancy service. Our annual retainer package provides you with direct access to our senior consultants, offering personalized guidance on a wide range of topics related to Indonesian business, law, customs, society, and politics.

Key features of our On-Call Consultancy service:

  • Private, ad-hoc consulting: Our senior consultants are available to address your specific queries and concerns as they arise, providing tailored advice and solutions.

  • Flexible communication: Consult with our experts via telephone, video call, or in-person meetings, depending on your preference and the nature of your inquiry.

  • Comprehensive expertise: Our team of senior consultants brings decades of combined experience in navigating the complexities of the Indonesian business landscape, offering insights into:

  • Legal and regulatory frameworks

  • Cultural nuances and social norms

  • Political climate and its impact on business

  • Industry-specific challenges and opportunities

  • Market entry and expansion strategies

  • Convenient access: With four hours of consultation per month during Indonesian working hours, you can quickly obtain the guidance you need to make informed decisions and overcome challenges.

  • Cost-effective solution: Our annual retainer package offers a cost-effective way to access expert advice, with a minimum billing time of 20 minutes per call/meeting and a discounted rate of US$ 165/hour for additional hours beyond the monthly allocation.

Benefits of choosing Okusi Associates' On-Call Consultancy service:

  • Make informed decisions based on expert insights and local knowledge
  • Mitigate risks and avoid costly mistakes by understanding the nuances of the Indonesian business environment
  • Adapt your strategies to align with cultural, social, and political realities
  • Identify and seize opportunities for growth and expansion in the Indonesian market
  • Save time and resources by having quick access to reliable, tailored advice

Our On-Call Consultancy service is ideal for businesses and individuals who:

  • Are considering entering the Indonesian market and need guidance on the best approach
  • Are already operating in Indonesia and require ongoing support to navigate challenges and optimize their presence
  • Seek to understand the broader context of Indonesian society, culture, and politics to make informed business decisions

To learn more about how our On-Call Consultancy service can benefit your business, please contact Okusi Associates to discuss your specific requirements. Our team is committed to providing you with the personalized, expert guidance you need to succeed in the dynamic Indonesian market.

On-Call Consultancy - Annual Retainer
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