Liquidation & Administration

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Are you thinking about liquidating your business?

Or do you require an administrator to step in?

If shareholders or a holding company no longer require a company, it can be placed into what is known as solvent liquidation.

The objectives will be to:

    • Realise the assets of the company
    • Resolve all outstanding matters of the company, including the settlement of claims of all creditors, employee benefits, tax obligations
    • Distribute the surplus assets to the stakeholders

Other benefits can include:

    • Group simplification – eliminating dormant legal entities to achieve a more cost efficient company structure
    • Savings in audit and accounting costs
    • Savings in management time preparing financial information, tax returns and annual returns
    • Recognising and avoiding corporate memory loss, the loss or lack of transfer of knowledge within an organisation caused by departing senior executives
    • Reducing the number of directorships held personally

Okusi Associates, with our in-house Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Notary Public, can assist you in all stages of the liquidation process.

We are administrators and liquidators of solvent companies, initiating and finalising liquidations in a manner that will optimize the total return to shareholders.

Please contact Okusi to discuss your specific requirements regarding company administration and liquidation.

  • In the event you just need a simple company closure, see our section on Company Closure.
  • If you need advice in order to consider all the options, contact us.

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