A work permit and residence visa is compulsory for all foreign workers working in Batam. If you already have a company that is capable of sponsoring you, then you can arrange a work permit ("IMTA") and residence visa ("KITAS") that will enable you to work legally.

The residence visa and work permit is valid for a period of one year, depending upon the nature of the employment, and can be extended for four times.

What's Included in the Package?

This is a complete package, and includes the following documents:

  • KITAS (Limited Stay Permit): This permit allows you to legally stay and work in Indonesia for a specified period.
  • MERP (Multiple Exit Re-Entry Permit): With this permit, you can travel in and out of Indonesia multiple times during your stay without needing to apply for a new visa each time.
  • IMTA (Work Permit): This permit is essential for all foreign workers in Indonesia and is required before applying for a KITAS.
  • RPTKA (Foreign Workers Report): Foreign Worker Placement Plan & Work Permit Approval from Ministry of Manpower.
  • Other Permits: SKTT (Residence Letter) & STM (Report Letter).
  • Smart Card is an Easy Way for frequent travellers at the Immigration Check Points, where the card holder doesn't need to fill in the Disambarkation / Embarkation Card, no need to stamp passport, all immigration processes will be done at the Autogates. SEZ have Autogates at 8 seaports within Riau islands.

What is not Included?

  • "Skills & Development Fund" - This is a compulsory levy of USD 1,200 payable to the Ministry of Manpower.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for our Work Permit & Visa Complete Package, you must:

  • Have a job offer from a company in Indonesia
  • Meet the educational and professional requirements for your job
  • Provide all necessary documents, including a valid passport, educational certificates, and work experience letters

NPWP (Tax ID Number) is mandatory when you are resident in Batam more than 183 days within a calendar year. There is a fee of US$ 122 for processing the NPWP if this is required.

Get Going with Okusi Associates!

  • Expertise: Our team of visa professionals has decades of experience in handling work permits and visas for foreigners in Indonesia.
  • Time-saving: We handle the entire process, from document preparation to submission, allowing you to focus on your work and life in Indonesia.
  • Stress-free: We keep you informed at every step of the process and ensure that all requirements are met to avoid any delays or complications.
  • Comprehensive support: Our services don't end with obtaining your permits and visas. We provide ongoing support throughout your stay in Indonesia.

Contact us today to learn more about our Batam Work Permit & Residence Visa Package, and start your journey to Batam.

BATAM - Work Permit & Visa (KITAS, IMTA, MERP, Smart Card)
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