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Okusi Associates | Work Permit Residence Visa Kitas Imta Merp

A work permit and residence visa is compulsory for all foreign workers working in Indonesia. If you already have a company that is capable of sponsoring you, then you can arrange a work permit ("IMTA") and residence visa ("KITAS") that will enable you to work legally.

The residence visa and work permit is valid for a period of one year, depending upon the nature of the employment, and can be extended for four times.

This is a complete package, and includes the following documents:

    • RPTKA – Foreign Worker Placement Plan & Work Permit Approval from Ministry of Manpower.
    • Working Visa & Work Permit – KITAS, IMTA, Foreign Workers Report.
    • Multiple Exit Re-entry Permit
    • Other Permits – SKTT, STM, LK, etc.
    • "Skills & Development Fund" levy (Compulsory US$ 1,200 payable to the Ministry of Manpower).

NPWP (Tax ID Number) is mandatory when you are resident in Indonesia more than 183 days within a calendar year. There is a fee of US$ 47 for processing the NPWP if this is required.

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