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Okusi Associates | Indonesian Local Company
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US$ 1,636

Complete Indonesian local incorporated company including business licences, articles of incorporation, government registrations, local licensing, tax numbers, translations.

Note that local companies require 100% Indonesian shareholding, and in some cases, an Indonesian director and chairman.

Service includes:

    • Company Incorporation – Preparation of Articles of Incorporation, Proof of Deposit of Capital, Deed of Establishment, Gazetting of Articles of Incorporation.
    • Operating Licenses & Other Permits – Domicile Certificate, NPWP – Tax Number/s, TDP - Company Registration, document submission and follow-up. Note: Additional fees for payment of local licences and permits may be required for areas outside of Jakarta.
    • English Translations of all important company documents provided.
    • Bank Account assistance for opening new accounts.

Professional Shareholder Services for foreigners: Okusi can provide professional shareholders for foreigners who wish to have indirect beneficial ownership of shares in local companies. Okusi professional shareholders are companies, not persons. Fixed cost is US$ 662/year.

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