Company Secretary - Corporate Secretary

US$ 1,577/year

The Corporate Secretarial service is designed to ensure your company's compliance with Indonesian legal requirements and maintain its good standing.

Our Corporate Secretarial service includes:

  • Serving as the primary point of contact for company shareholders and officeholders
  • Convening meetings of shareholders, directors, and commissioners as required
  • Liaising with notaries public, both in-house and external to Okusi, as directed
  • Coordinating with lawyers, both in-house and external, as directed
  • Collaborating with accountants, both in-house and external to Okusi, as directed
  • Overseeing the acquisition and renewal of required company licenses and permits
  • Providing guidance and assistance in arranging work permits and visas
  • Communicating and liaising with government agencies on behalf of the company
  • Addressing any other matters that concern the well-being of the shareholders and the good standing of the company

Our annual Corporate Secretarial service fee is comprehensive, but please note that it excludes:

  • Accountancy and tax reporting services
  • Registered company address (optional, if you have your own domicile)
  • Organizing investor visas, work permits (IMTA), and residence visas (KITAS) (separate charges apply)

Appointment of the Corporate Secretary:

  • The Corporate Secretary will accept the appointment upon a decision made by a General Meeting of Shareholders (a prepared document is provided)
  • Upon appointment, the Corporate Secretary takes custody of all original company documents, which remain in their custody until conveyed to another party, as decided by a General Meeting of Shareholders

Additional benefits:

  • The shareholders' decision can include authorization to appoint the Corporate Secretary as either President Chairman (komisaris) or President Director of the company (subject to discussion of your actual plans)
  • The cost of this change is included in the initial Corporate Secretarial service fee

Keep focussed on growing your business while we handle the critical administrative and compliance tasks. Ensure that your company remains in good standing and complies with all relevant Indonesian regulations.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Comprehensive Corporate Secretarial Services can benefit your company and help you navigate the complexities of doing business in Indonesia.

Company Secretary - Corporate Secretary
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