Airship over Occussi

Recorded live on a cheap cassette recorder at various locations in Fremantle, Western Australia during 1983 (or was it 1984?).  The recording quality in all cases is extremely poor, but the spirit remains audible.  These recordings marked the end of my creative musical life; not long after I gave it away, deciding deliberately and consciously that I had nothing further to say.

Whilst all the compositions below are original creations, I personally feel that
all creation is a synthesis of past and present experience.  For an individual to take 'credit' for any creation is a rather silly notion, notwithstanding my copyright notice on the bottom of this webpage!  Whilst my compositions are unique, they are nevertheless represent syntheses of my total experiences and interactions with a particular set of people and social environments at a particular time and place.  I have long maintained -- and I continue to maintain -- that there is nothing truly new under our sun.

'Influences' that contributed to the synthesis of this collection of music, in no particular order: Charlie Parker, Wolfgang A. Mozart, Bruce Henderson, Joseph Haydn, Kim Salmon, 1968, Led Zeppelin, Mar Bucknell, Jesse Dean, Bryce Moore, CPA, Sir Charles Court, Bootleg, Bu Wilson, Social Security, Gough Whitlam, The End of Prehistory, Fremantle Agriculture, Vietnam, Bob Hawke, Hungerford's Diseases of Livestock, Karl Marx, Child Welfare Dept, Freedom Collective, Janette Weaver, Jo Stevens, Glenn Miller, Bootleg, America's Cup, Dave Bower, Jethro Tull, and the JFSH Music Room.

Most songs feature me alone on acoustic guitar and voice, without percussion or any other accompaniment whatsoever.  Two tracks have a bass line played (extremely badly!) on an electric stylophone.  The only electronic effects devices used were a chorus box, and a touch of reverb on a Peavy PA system.  They were all recorded on a cheap AU$100 cassette recorder using the built-in condenser microphone. I transferred the songs to digital format using a AU$10 walkman-type cassette player that I bought at a market in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  Minor digital cleanups were attempted to reduce the amount of hiss and noise, using software such as
Sound Forge and Dartpro.

The background photo was taken by Bu Wilson in Occussi-Ambeno in August 2000, not long after a militia rampage had depopulated the entire enclave.  The airship seen coming in to land is a Zeppelin NT LZ N07 with a capacity for 12 passengers and two crew.

Airship over Occussi

Solo Acoustic Guitar and Voice. Music by Gary Dean.


Solo Acoustic Guitar and Voice. Music by Gary Dean; Words by Mar Don't-Call-Me-Maurice Bucknell.


Solo Acoustic Guitar, Voice and Stylophone. Music by Gary Dean; Words by Bryce Moore.

Gunter's Periwinkle

Solo Acoustic Guitar. Music by Gary Dean.

Not Art

Solo Acoustic Guitar and Voice. Music by Gary Dean; Words by Gary Dean.

Industrial-Military Hell

Solo Acoustic Guitar, Voice and Stylophone. Music by Gary Dean; Words by Gary Dean.

© Gary Dean, 1983. All rights reserved.