[ c l i c k   h e r e   t o   p l a y ]
 [ c l i c k   h e r e   t o   p l a y ]

absolute uncertainty

australian passport L0768264 australian passport L0768264.
 sputnik child. sputnik, 4 october 1957.

sky cruising

 airship over occussi. august, 2001. airship over occussi. occussi-ambeno, august, 2001.
 sky airship dreaming.

airships at dawn

 parangtritis, indonesia, 1998 airship departing the coast. parangtritis, indonesia, 1998.
 cape york, australia, 1998 waiting for the airships. cape york, australia, 1998.

yin yang

 yuni, lina, yuli, nas. 1998-2001 knowers. 1998-2001.
 technologist, musician, sociologist, goatherd. 1980-2001 unknown. 1980 - 2001.

here now past gone

 yogyakarta, indonesia, 1998 my place. yogyakarta, indonesia, 1998.
 fremantle, australia, 1984 my place. fremantle, australia, 1984.

sun dance

 (a yoni is the antithesis of a phallus) a naturally-occurring yoni.
 (trans.: giant rainbow phallus mushroom) jamur lingga pelangi raksasa.

baroque 20c

 new zealand, 1980 i used to be an artist, but now i'm a sociologist. i think. new zealand, 1980.
 occussi-ambeno, 2002 rice fields. occussi-ambeno, 2002.

hot okusi nights

 sunset in okusi okusi sunset.
 oriental dreaming oriental dreaming.

knowingly or unknowingly, wittingly or unwittingly, the following entities, non-entities, places and events contributed to the production of this quasi-artistic synthesis:  charlie parker, wolfgang a. mozart, bruce henderson, joseph haydn, kim salmon, 1968, jimmy page, mar bucknell, ted lewis, jesse dean, bryce moore, cpa, gary dean, lina koh swee lin, sir charles court, bootleg, aden, bu wilson, social security, yuni dwi astuti, gough whitlam, the end of prehistory, fremantle agriculture, shen, vietnam, paul stange, bob hawke, hungerford's diseases of livestock, glasshopper, karl marx, wa child welfare dept, nasrocha, freedom collective, janette weaver, jo stevens, aisya, glenn miller, america's cup, hawkwind, mm rahayu yulianti, volin, dave bower, ian anderson, jfsh music room.

predetermined discursive framework


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