Words by Gary Dean

    1.  Whatever happened to the anarchist dream?
        (Ask the fascists and the bolsheviks)
        Where's the world that Marx proclaimed?
        (The marxists put him up against the wall)
        Where is Trotsky's International?
        (The corpse is cold, decomposition advanced)
        Where is Lenin now that Stalin's gone?
        (He's alive and well inside the Kremlin halls x4)

    Ch. Dragged up from the Dark Ages
        Thrown into a technocratic lions den
        Taken from the feudal fields
        Thrown into an industrial and military hell

    2.  Whatever happened to the Aquarian Age?
        (The Nimbin freaks are wearing suits and ties)
        Why has student revolution decayed?
        (Don't bother me, I've got to theorise)
        Who are the champions of liberty?
        (They're drowning their sorrows down the Drunken Crow)
        Where are the dreams of New Society?
        (The drought is over, we can all get stoned x4)


        Betrayed by parasites of social change, reformation games
        Their bureaucratic strangulation of mass initiative
        They work inside the system for the mutual benefit
        Their treachery is so pitiful, metaphysical, parasitical ...

    3.  Who will stand up for the ALP?
        (They change the system from the inside out)
        Who will defend present society?
        (The politicians and the pious devout)
        Who will break out and demand their right?
        (The individual, who puts up a fight)
        Who will believe that there are better ways?
        (The prophets of liberty, disciples of day x4)