Words by Bryce Moore, 21 February 1983

    1.  Well I've been there, done that, they say to me
        And I've climbed up the mountain and swum in the sea.
        There's nothing much more you can say to me
        So just feed my stupour or go home to tea.

        If I hide my thoughts in a torrent of sound
        It won't alter the fact that you're still on the ground

    2.  Don't sing any songs about alienation
        Just trite little ditties about infatuation.
        We've all been well taught, and we all know our station
        We don't give a stuff about social relations.


    3.  This is you'd agree a conventional song
        But you don't know the words, so you can't sing along.
        Don't bother to listen, just light up a bong
        Being there and doing that has not made you strong.