Words by Mar Bucknell, 4 July 1982

    1.  Hi soldier, I see you're home
        I'm glad you're home, where've you been?

    2.  My brother, you know me
        Tell me why, did you go?

        You've been gone from here so very long
        You think that we'll be proud of you
        Well sorry brother, we're not proud of death
        We've got a different point of view

    3.  Now tell us, what you saw
        Tell me who, did you kill

    4.  You'll never know the things I've seen
        The mud the cold the heat the blood and pain and fear
        My best friend blown up by my side
        And then they tell you kill some more and more and more
        And standing in the firing line
        Never knowing when your time will come

    5.  No I don't know what happens now
        The country's fit for heroes now the government said
        Well no I haven't got a job
        But now we're safe from communists the general said
        Well soldier that is very fine
        But tell me where you left your arm behind